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Into The Unknown: Lovely Lilacs and Lavenders

Into the Unknown is a collaborative series with other artists depicting colors.

Colors often mean different things to different people. Between artists depending on cultural influences, life, worldview, morals and values this can all heavily impact the way they see and use colors in their art.

Why is this important? This is important because like I stated earlier, colors mean different things to many different people and cultures. Color represents so much: feelings, people, countries, cultures, and symbolism. It is fascinating to learn about other's perspectives and give new light to different things. Color is something most of us see and deal with on a daily basis. Yet not much thought always goes into how we react to certain colors, why we favor certain colors or don't, or why certain colors make us feel the way we do.

Needless to say~

Different colors evoke different feelings for different people.

In this project I have asked each artist to pick one color that they felt a strong connection to. I had them design their own set, answer a questionnaire to help inspire them and to take on the feeling of that color. So they get to portray the color they pick, and then I get to do my job and capture the essence of that feeling, and hopefully bring it some justice.

I hope you enjoy~


This week's feature: Alayne Kulp

The color you chose: Lilac / Lavender/Pale Purples

What does this color mean to you?

This color reminds me of springtime; of innocence, youth, and delicate freshness.

What does it make you feel when you wear it? Why do you like wearing it, or why do you not like wearing it?

I feel fresh, innocent, and youthful. I like to wear it because it is a subtle way to wear purple without wearing a stronger and darker color.

What emotions do you associate while collaborating in this piece? Is there something you intend to convey about it?

I will more than likely be heavily inspired by the season of springtime and blossoming flowers.

Do you remember at what age you were attracted to this color, if so: what made you attracted to it? What feelings, thoughts or metaphors do you pull towards it? Or the Opposite.

I’ve always been attracted to this color - it was the color of my bedroom walls in childhood. We were a family that really liked purple in general - most of our family pictures were of us wearing all purple. Lilac itself though is a lighter, beautiful, delicate version of a darker purple and I love the innocence and youthful beauty that it represents.

What do you associate this color with in nature?

The flowers lilac and lavender, and sunrises/sunsets.

Do you think it is a popular color? Why or why not?

I would say it isn’t that popular since it is a shade variation of the larger category of purple, and even purple itself is more rare in nature and lifestyle objects.

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