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IMPACT art show

Hi everyone!

I was invited a few weeks ago to an art show called IMPACT put on by RAW Natural Born Artists.

My artist profile is here:

I was featuring prints from my most recent series, Toxic Behaviors. It seemed fitting to share this series since the show was named IMPACT and May is also the month of Mental Health Awareness, which I am very passionate about. I wanted to share a meaningful series that people could connect with and as a matter of fact my booth was pretty popular!

The event was at the Pourhouse in Minneapolis, and it had a really awesome turnout. I was so honored to have been invited to partake in this amazing event, to showcase my work and make many new artist friends while I was at it. I am happy to announce that I am now officially an ALUMNI of RAW natural born artists.

Here is a small preview of the photos I have of the show. I am really thankful for anyone who supported me by attending, and purchasing a ticket. I appreciate everyone for being so supportive and for engaging in my posts!

If you would like to see more photos of the event as a whole, I really encourage it!

There are other artists' works and performances included on this link:

I am so thankful to have had my work featured among some of the best of the Midwest, I really learned so much from talking with other artists. I look forward to being involved in more art shows in the future, so stay tuned as always!

I still have some prints left from my Toxic Behaviors series, and if you are interested in purchasing any, give me a holla :)

Thanks again as always :)

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