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Halloween Challenge

October 2019

I decided to pursue a challenge for my favorite holiday/month.

Every day to do a different portrait or two. FOR THE WHOLE MONTH of October.

This was a lot of work. And I had limited time to edit, and get in costume each day (I have a full time job as a medical photographer) but I am really proud that I stuck with this challenge despite not being able to FULLY edit, perform the way I would usually like. This to a degree was rushed but it was so invigorating to just create EVERY day.

This was so fun. And I can't wait to see what October of 2020 brings me :)

The days

1st Necromancer

2nd Over the Garden Wall

3rd Belle from Beauty and the Beast

4th the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time

5th The Queen of Hearts

6th Raven from Teen Titans

7th Garnet from Final Fantasy XVII

8th The Ring

9th BeetleJuice inspired

10th Little Red Riding Hood

11th Jessica Rabbit

12th Morticia

13th Poison Ivy

14th Ash Ketchum

15th Ariel

16th Maleficient

17th Frida Kahlo

18th Witch

19th Headless Horseman

20th Grimm Reaper

21st Demon

22nd No Face from Spirited Away

23rd La Llorona

24th Katerina Petrova

25th Tinkerbell

26th Sailor Mars

27th Wonder Woman

28th Mia from Pulp ficiton

29th Tifa Lockhardt

30th White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland

31st La Santa Muerte

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