Botanical Portrait Series

I have put such an emphasis on my love for flowers. My favorite type of portraits to shoot involve floral arrangements of any sort. I have a need to create, so why not utilize one of nature's greatest gifts. Flowers. Flowers give life to this earth, we wouldn't be able to eat without them. Their pollination process is key for the earth's survival. Flowers are so symbolic. They are one of the most common gifts, yet do we ever know what we are actually sending the language of flowers? In this project I touch on the topic of symbolism behind flowers, and then I relate that back to ourselves. I believe that people are like flowers, we are all so different and so beautiful in our own way. We cannot compare the beauty of a rose, to that of a sunflower. Why? Because they are different and not really comparable to be completely honest. Like flowers, we do not bloom under the same conditions, seasons, and climate zones. Yet we pressure ourselves to. As a society, we hold high toxic expectations of ourselves based on what others are doing. Comparison is the thief of joy. We have to remember that we are all beautiful in our own ways, just like all flowers✨

As always, I hope you Enjoy~

The Azalea✨

Azaleas can be a symbol of self-recognition and caring for yourself, of temperance, as well as representing first love and fragility. The Azalea is also the symbol of womanhood, it is reminder to stay soft and beautiful despite the hardships we as women face. So don’t forget, out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. After all~ One cannot grow without the other. Life is balance. Just because you are soft doesn’t mean you are not a force. Water is the softest thing yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. It takes courage to remain soft, the bravest thing you can do is be unafraid to feel. Remain soft. Remain delicate. Remain you✨

The HoneySuckle✨

The Honeysuckle has often symbolized devoted affection. It also symbolizes happiness and living a sweet life~without too much squabbles in between. Life is truly what we make it, everyone has their own unique path and journey. Happiness is and can be fleeting. True happiness is called “joy”, and that can only be found from within. Practice incorporating positive mantras in your daily routine. Try to find the bliss in your routine and watch yourself and everything around you experience true joy✨

The Lily of The Valley✨

This flower has the meaning of humility, sweetness, purity and is said to bring good luck in love. It also means “the return of happiness.” However many say that the secret of being happy, is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of it everyday. The art of happiness can be as simple as a change in perspective. It lies in the power of extracting happiness from common everyday things. Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past, and observing others. Live in your moment. Cherish it and those around you. Let yourself be free✨