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Artists of La Crosse: Myra Jansky

Artists of La Crosse, WI: This is a series dedicated to local artists of the La Crosse area.

The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to the art community, what artists stand for, their purpose, their mediums, about the artist them-self and most importantly to connect everyone to one another.

For my project, I will be creating a piece dedicated to the artist and their art.

It is a piece that integrates the two together; The process of this involves me taking a portrait of the artist and then creating a double exposure of the artist with their art

In conclusion ~ Make art of the artist and their art

It's like art to the third power or art inception!

This is a fun and interactive way for other artists to meet one another or learn about eachother. I will be sharing a new artist weekly so please make sure to check back in to see the new featured artist.

as always~ Enjoy!


Today's Feature

Artist name: Myra Jansky

Medium(s): Watercolor and ink

When did you notice that you had a love for art?

When I was growing up, I lived in the country. I had no neighbors or friend’s outside of my family; so, my sister and I had to keep ourselves busy somehow and often that would manifest as creative projects- writing short stories, painting, making newscasts, and designing clothes. Art was just a way of life for as long as I can remember.

Are you originally from La Crosse? If not, where are you from and how long have you lived here?

Kind of- I grew up in Stevenstown/Holmen, about 30 minutes north.

Growing up what were your major influences as an artist? Other artists, Life events?

Nature has always been my inspiration. Whenever I feel the natural world around me, something deeply divine is sparked within me. A lot of my work reflects on what nature has to teach us. Death has also been a huge influence, and I often include skeletons in my work. I feel death is the most mystical experience we are granted, as that is when the veil of illusion drops away; and find it intriguing that the one thing we are guaranteed in life is so deeply feared.

What message do you want to share about your art?

My art is always a symbolic representation of something reflected in the micro/macrocosm. It is yearning to represent the deeper truths of being that are sometimes so subtle, we don’t recognize them. There is a lot of archetypal imagery that is there to purvey primordial knowledge- knowledge that was innate in us when we were beings of the earth- before the rise of modern day society. My art aims to tickle that thing inside of you that is without words, that transcends time and space and that has experienced more than you can know. With my art, I hope that people experience a sense of deja-vu; that they connect to it in a way that is unexplainable.

What do you stand for as an artist?

As an artistic being, I stand for compassion and understanding of ourselves, others, and our planet. I strive to empower others with the knowledge and awareness of the ancients and aim to trigger creative healing and reawakening.

What is your process or headspace you get into while creating new pieces?

Layers - each piece is just layers upon layers, stacking into one image. The same is true with my headspace (and existence). As I create art, layers of my subconscious mind from out through the brush. Everything else disappears and I get to play the role of God, the creator. I pay attention to how the vision in my head becomes manifest - which colors I can’t seem to make, which shapes are different than how I originally imagined them, what areas are making me feel stuck and which are flowing effortlessly. Art becomes a map of my inner world and presents keys to that which may be blocking me, that which is flowing in abundance, and that which needs to be examined more closely.

What does the piece you chose for this project mean to you? Why did you choose this one vs other pieces you have created?

The piece I chose is the first watercolor I made in my adult life. It was inspired after I began a regular yoga practice; my instructor said (while working on inversions), “we must be unafraid to fall, knowing that the earth will always be there to catch us.” This is the mindset I strive to carry with me, knowing that, as stated before, death is inevitable and a life lived without fear of falling is a life truly lived, for even if we fall or fail in our pursuits, we will always be caught, supported, and nourished in the loving embrace of our creator, Nature. No matter what happens, we will always be okay. There was a book I read in which the author discussed the zen idea that even the “worst possible scenario” is, in fact, a beautiful opportunity to grow and learn, for everything contains within it both pain and pleasure. He used the example of homelessness. “What a beautiful thing,” he said, “to be free of all material constraints… to be in the hands of God and to trust that it will all be okay.” Even if the “worst” comes our way, it is only a temporary reality that allows for transformation and growth! To fear death is to fear life and this mindset will only ever hinder us and our potential. When we move into the mindset that everything will be okay, no matter what, we move into a life that reflects trust in ‘God’s Divine Plan’ for us. We move into a state of coherence with the Divine- the Cosmic Dance - creation dancing with creator, an artist’s brush moving across a canvas, feet waltzing down a sidewalk, birds dancing through the sky, lover’s sliding across each other’s bodies, mentally entering a magical world, words flowing through the poet, friends embracing, strangers smiling hello. This trust allows for communion with God in every action, interaction, thought, and feeling… knowing that we ARE God and deeply supported in all that we do. We are this Universe and we create it.


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