Artists of La Crosse: DJ MkFly

Artists of La Crosse, WI: This is a series dedicated to local artists of the La Crosse area.

The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to the art community, what artists stand for, their purpose, their mediums, about the artist themselves and most importantly to connect everyone to one another.

For my project, I will be creating a piece dedicated to the artist and their art. It is a piece that integrates the two together; The process of this involves me taking a portrait of the artist and then creating a double exposure of the artist with their art

In conclusion ~ Make art of the artist and their art

It's like art to the third power or art inception!

This is a fun and interactive way for other artists to meet one another or learn about eachother. I will be sharing a new artist weekly so please make sure to check back in to see the new featured artist.

as always~ Enjoy!

This Week's Feature

Artist name: DJ MkFly

Medium(s): Music / Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Instagram: dj.mkfly

Facebook: kyle.trietley

Snapchat: kylejt

Spotify: Dj MkFly


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