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My name is Maureen Ashley Turner

My Pronouns are They/Them/She/Her

I am a member of the LGBTQA+ and Latinx community

I love eating, I love traveling, I love animals

I make weird noises, I snort when I laugh

I love anime, manga and cosplay

I giggle at obscene things

I am a meme lord

I attended University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and received my Bachelor's in Biology and Psychology with a pre-med emphasis.​

I am a professional Medical Photographer for Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I decided to combine my two passions of Art and Science for my career.

I have freelanced for Ted Talks

My art has been in Raw Natural Born Artists's showcase

I have showcased within my local Community

I have been featured in Artdose Magazine Vol 29 


My colleagues and I are in the process of opening a collaborative art gallery and work in studio space called "The Ecclective"  in La Crosse



I am currently working on....


  • Opening a collaborative art gallery and work in studio space called "The Ecclective"  in La Crosse with my Artist Colleagues

  • My Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Viterbo

  • Writing two books!

    • One to depict my passion for art, psychology, mental health and self awareness, and how they are connected.

    • A poetry book with art

  • Designing two Tarot Decks:

    • One based off of my Mexican heritage and customs

    • One based off my emphasis in personality theories and Archetypes

  • Artists of La Crosse Series

    • Creating a piece dedicated to the artist and their art

    • ​Bringing awareness to the art community

    • I will be sharing a new artist weekly so please make sure to check my blog to see the new featured artist 

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